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Garden of the World at Gough Whitlam Park

Garden of the World at Gough Whitlam Park

Everyone loves beauty. We all love beauty. Especially those who do not love natural beauty! People often travel to parks full of natural beauty during their leisure days. Gough Whitlam Park is one of those.

Gough Whitlam Park is one of the best places of natural beauty in Sydney. Its location is on the banks of the Cook River in Earlwood. People also search Earlwood Park to get there. Because this place is so beautiful. Peace in A Public Space

Actually, this place belongs to a criminal pardoned by the state. This land comes under the possession of the Public Works Department and is used for dredging disposal along with maintenance of river banks and storage of building materials used in construction.

The river was deemed unsuitable for development in the early 1900s due to the smell of often decaying vegetation and was donated to Canterbury Council in 1978. The council then converted the area into parkland not long after.

Creating a Garden Mosaic

It was renamed Gough Whitlam Park in 1982.

The Garden of the World, located in Gough Whitlam Park, was designed to "botanically represent the cultural diversity of the city of Canterbury. The landscape features and garden design were developed in partnership with residents and community groups from the Canterbury electorate.

The landscaping works of the garden were completed in 2009 to complement the theme of "Respect Unity Peace".

The sixth in a series of street mosaics, the mosaics pay tribute to Pemulwi, a local leader of the Aboriginal resistance, and his son, Tedbury. The mosaics depict the original Cooks River with native fish, local middens with sea shells in hiding places, local animals that lived in the area, and hand stencils of local rock shelters.

Currently, the mosaic and landscaping feature is located near the Cooks River Cycle Path and bridge over the creek.


Tribute to Original Guardians

The garden mosaic also recognizes and celebrates the original guardians of the area, the Bediagal people. Mr Whitlam unveiled a plaque. It also acknowledges its Federal Government support to Canterbury Council during its time in office.

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